Moving With The Times: Are Businesses Doing Enough For An Ageing Workforce?

According to a recent study, the average British worker will think about quitting their job 16 times a year (with those in London thinking about giving it up at least 19 times) and have thoughts of starting over again in a completely new field 10 times a year. Why does the thought of working 60 or 70 years of our lives fill us with dread?

With stories of people embarking on career changes in their lives dominating the source of new stories in the modern media, “it’s easy to look at these figures and get the impression that working life can become something of a grind, resulting in a carousel of commuting, overtime and cups of tea.” (Rachel Kellett, Head of Qualifications and Product Development at AAT).

Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott, authors of the (must read) ‘100-year life’, suggest that as we are already experiencing much longer lives than ever before, we are now moving away from a typical three-stage life, one education to one career to one retirement.

As a generation who are living longer, we need to put more robust plans in place for the latter part of our longer lives… not just financially, but physically and mentally. There will be little reward in being financially stable with low health, or being 100% healthy with small opportunity to enjoy it.

Therefore, as employers, we are faced with people wanting or needing to work longer, which should lead us to ask ourselves, “how we are investing in our employees now to allow them the very best opportunities?”.

How are we investing in their well-being, their training, their longer career with you?

Are we training our people to be better leaders and managers?

How are we succession planning and developing others to their full potential?

If not, why not?

The first step to implementing changes in order to achieve a fulfilling 100-year life is to help people to reach their full potential at work. Why should people wake up to the same job, the same routine, with no progression and poor rewards day on day out? With a recent study by the CIPD found that three-quarters of organisations currently offer coaching or mentoring, which an additional 13% who plan to offer it in the next year; we need to be mindful of this within our learning and development strategies.

At Blayze Group, we are helping businesses put robust development and training programmes in place, which not only increase business performance, therefore directly impacting bottom line profits, but also the resilience and development of employees. We are helping our clients create leaders of the future, to be masters of their personal development.

If there’s anyone you should want to take advice from, it’s Richard Branson. The business magnate, investor and author, who is one of the most powerful individuals in the industry. And as he says, ‘Train people well enough that they could leave, but treat them well enough that they don’t want to.’ We here at Blayze Group agree with this sentiment, do you?

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