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We Are Blayze Group


We expertly tailor bespoke projects across all disciplines and verticals in the Property & Construction sector. We meticulously navigate each stage of the process- designing, delivering and on-boarding- which means each project is unique to our partner’s requests. During design, we identify core skills within a job specification and link these to non-traditional industries to introduce unconventional yet valuable skill sets to the Property & Construction market. Following design, Blayze Group launches a headhunting and advertising campaign to source first-rate candidates to prepare for on-boarding. Within on-boarding, we fully support our partners and their candidates in a detailed and unparalleled strategy to acclimatise candidates to the partner company’s organisational structures, as well as implementing custom training which holds the job role at its core. Our comprehensive project structure accelerates candidates within their roles as they are selected due to correlating skills and culture fit; we then develop their knowledge of the company role and the specific industry. This strategy results in attrition rates being reduced by a minimum of 50% against the conventional recruitment process.

What Our Clients Are Saying
  • “Blayze focuses on understanding our business; it is their insight that enables them to be proactive and a key business partner.”

    Michael Grace, Turner & Townsend
  • “Blayze Group go beyond a normal recruiting brief in terms of looking at personality and cultural fits before referring. The referrals to date have been excellent and the future is very much quality rather than quantity.”


  • “I reached out to Blayze Group after I’d been searching for a Quantity Surveyor for some time but hadn’t found success with other agencies. Laura Padgett and the team worked closely with me throughout the entire process to ensure that I was kept in the loop at all times. The close partnership we formed meant that Blayze fully understood my brief, not just on the skills we were looking for, but most importantly, the right culture fit too. Subsequently, I was presented with a candidate who was the best I’d seen yet and I made a job offer shortly afterwards. That individual has proven to be a real asset to the company.”

    Peter Jackson, Thomas & Adamson

We have successfully managed projects in the range of 6-20 individuals per project; a prime example of this is the Sales Academy, a project specialism, in which we delivered 80 sales staff from non-traditional property backgrounds into a major FTSE PLC. The candidates from this Academy now represent 30% of our client’s sales staff and the project remains a significant contributor to this company’s ongoing recruitment strategy. In fact, once all organisations have embedded these projects into their recruitment strategy, they become an integral and essential part of their hiring plan. Likewise, the Production Academy is scrupulously designed and delivered for a large-scale property developer involving quantity surveyors, project managers and technical professionals at a mid-manager level.

Adjacent to all Blayze Group culture, we take the time to examine the job role’s specific skill sets and culture before tailoring a recruitment process with these at its centre. This results in a culture-fit-first recruitment process which differentiates us from other consultancies who limit their focus to skills alone. With Blayze Group projects generating an average of 60% retention over 5 years, our partners save on re-occurring recruitment costs alongside preserving indispensable knowledge and elevating employee engagement. In a sentence, Blayze Group projects positively impact and transform whole businesses.