How To Show Your Staff Christmas Appreciation

‘Tis the season for staff appreciation.

Although Christmas can be a very exciting time for some, it can also be the busiest; workers across the country are focusing on completing their tasks before the Christmas period, commutes are even darker and colder, plus there is the inevitable stress in an employee’s personal life (extended family coming to stay for one). In fact, 54% will feel “Christmas stress”. With this added stress, it’s the perfect time to show your staff how much you appreciate them and their hard work.

Christmas party

A tale as old as time, celebrate your staff with a bash! Although the notion of a Christmas Party goes way back, that doesn’t mean yours has to. Take the inventive; perhaps incorporate a day activity or do something a bit different in the evening, at Blayze Group we had a stand-up comedian perform. Remember to be as inclusive as possible, for example some members of your office may not drink alcohol – although who doesn’t love watching Karen from HR getting overly intoxicated and belting out ‘Fairytale of New York’?

Recap over the year gone

A norm for most companies, arrange an opportunity to look back on 2018 with your staff, at its triumphs, successes, but also its challenges. Use information from the year to set expectation and goals for 2019; this is an incredible opportunity to unite your staff under a unified purpose for 2019.

Affirmation through awards

Awards are a fantastic opportunity to celebrate staff; you can build these awards around your company’s unique culture and values. Here at Blayze Group we feature our core values of Pace, Perseverance and Positivity in our awards ceremony to integrate them even deeper into the business. They are what define us and help to ensure that awards aren’t purely for financial or job-based recognition, we encourage staff to acknowledge that attitude is as important as achievement.

Christmas bonus

The conventional approach to staff appreciation, Christmas bonuses are almost as embedded into the Christmas tradition as trees and turkeys. Although they shouldn’t be seen as inevitable – they should be earned – it’s important to recognise that, to some staff, even a small Christmas bonus will have a significant impact on their holiday season and onwards.

Switch off over Christmas

Countless companies make the choice to shut down completely over the Christmas period, with staff not using any holiday allowance to have it off. Giving your employees the opportunity to completely relax and recover in December will only boost their performance in January. Recent research has found that switching off can be the best thing for employee wellbeing, as taking holiday can reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 50%!

New Year is peak attrition time

Did you know that 52% Brits look for a new job in the New Year? Once you’re over the fact that half of the population will be job-hunting in January, the root of it can lie in career-related New Year resolutions and negativity towards your employer that has built up over December.

Appreciating your staff over Christmas could be the deal-breaker between a member of staff leaving your company in January, or not.