7 Infrastructure Projects for 2018 in Trump’s America

As America awaits news of President Trump’s Infrastructure Plan for 2018, we look over some of the key infrastructure projects ongoing and set to begin construction in 2018.

1. l-405 Project

Location: Orange County, California
Value: $12 billion
Unique feature: This will speed up the travel times for roughly 370,000 daily drivers between Costa Mesa and the Los Angeles County line (traffic on l-405 is anticipated to grow by 30% of the next 25 years).
Completion: 2023

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2. California High-Speed Rail Project

Location: California
Value: $64 billion
Unique feature: 800+ miles of track connecting the state’s major population centres from north to south, with an estimated 24 stations. All cities across California will be incorporating this high-speed rail line into their own long-term regional transportation plans.
Completion: 2029 (first phase)

3. Los Angeles Metro Rail Projects

Location: Los Angeles, California
Unique feature: Several ongoing projects including; the Metro Purple Line extension, Metro Gold Line extension, the Crenshaw/LAX Line and The Regional Connector, all aim to improve Los Angeles’ accessibility and aim to be complete in time to serve the 2028 LA Summer Olympics.
Completion: 2024 – 2028
Values: $1.4 – $4 billion

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4. Northeast Boundary Tunnel (NEBT) in Washington

Location: Washington D.C.
Value: $580 million
Unique feature: The NEBT will be the biggest component of DC Water’s Clean Rivers Project, reducing combined sewer overflows to the Anacostia River by 98% and the chance of flooding the area it serves from about 50% to 7% each year.
Completion: 2023

5. Central Subway Project

Location: San Francisco, California
Value: $1.6 billion
Unique feature: The Central Subway is a much-needed extension of the T Third Street Line, part of San Francicso’s Muni Metro. T Third Street is projected to become the most heavily ridden line with a projected 65,000 people per day by 2030. At $1.6 billion for 1.7 miles of light rail, the line will connect some of the fastest-growing neighbourhoods in San Francisco.
Completion: 2019

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6. Texas Central High Speed Railway

Location: Texas
Value: $12 billion upwards
Unique feature: The 240-mile high speed rail would take travellers between Dallas and Houston in less than 90 minutes.
Completion: Unconfirmed.

7. One for the future: Hyperloop

Location: New York to Washington DC
Unique feature: The Hyperloop operates by sending bespoke capsules through a steel tube which is also a partial vacuum. In Elon Musk’s vision, each capsule floats on a layer of air, which allows for a speed that wheels can’t.
Completion: TBC

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