An Alternative Perspective on Client Entertainment

A fundamental question pertinent to any reputable organisation is why client entertainment is so crucial to business development. It’s quite simple – freeing your mind from the confines of the four walls of the office creates an informal setting where an individual is more likely to relax and let their hair down. The majority of overperforming businesses (91%) place a greater emphasis on live events as a marketing channel than underperforming businesses or businesses that are performing as expected. Entertaining clients positions your business as a strong believer in the philosophy that there is more to life than the regimented 9-5 daily working hours. Here’s a little taste of Blayze Group and how we’ve been entertaining our clients and candidates!


  • Urban Decay Makeover Event

In need of a pamper? Blayze Group conducted a highly successful and thoroughly enjoyable event as we hosted our annual Urban Decay Masterclass Event in Carnaby St for our clients and candidates.

We hosted 26 guests from across our client base and they were warmly welcomed with a complimentary glass of Prosecco along with a bespoke giftbag with Urban Decay products inside. We’ve been delighted to hear positive feedback from the attendees and would highly recommend organising an event with our friends at Urban Decay!

That’s not all though, here are some worthy alternatives..

  • CluedUpp

Sherlock, Bergerac, Poirot? Which detective do you most identify with? This gives you the chance to emulate these classic private investigators. CluedUpp is an award-winning, murder mystery game that’s sending shockwaves around London. If you are a keen Cluedo player, you will love the chance to discover the murderer and bring the culprit to justice.

What makes this interactive experience unique is its award-winning app – your team will hunt around London, tracking down virtual witnesses, eliminating suspects and ruling out murder weapons. This offers fresh impetus for client events where teamplay is essential, rather than the traditional let’s-hit-the-pub effort.

  • Go-Karting

A popular choice for client entertainment has traditionally been the familiar activity of Go-Karting. Driving in small spaces requires a good level of concentration to avoid colliding with fellow go-karters, sharpening your mind and senses! Additionally, zooming around alongside your clients help to create healthy competition between teams – although the same can’t be said for Lewis Hamilton or Sebastien Vettel!

What’s understated too about Go-Karting are the health benefits: the adrenaline hormones released while driving helps to dilate blood vessels and increase oxygen flow to cells and other parts of the body! Who knew driving had such positive health advantages?!

  • Urban Golf

Fancy yourself as a golf extraordinaire, shooting a hole-in-one on a Par 4 on Augusta’s finest fairways? Well, a membership there is a little pricey so how about the virtual alternative?

Urban Golf offers you a direct membership to some of the world’s finest courses where you can combine good music with a jovial atmosphere! Urban Golf use the world’s most accurate technology – high speed cameras – to measure exactly what the golf ball is doing. So if you’re a part-timer, a professional or you have never picked up a club in your life – the fun is for everyone!

  • Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms has exploded in popularity in recent years – it’s no surprise that London Bridge is home to the longest running venue in the City as it offers a Hi-Tech experience that puts your patience and willpower to the test!

Escape Rooms also offer variety – whether you are seeking to tackle the classic lock, keys and codes room or if you fancy something a bit different that’s a little more physically challenging, the famous Project D.I.V.A may tickle your fancy.

Why is it good for team building and fostering good team spirit? Succeeding in your quest to escape gives you a sense of achievement and it encourages you to work together as a team to solve puzzles. Bring your thinking caps!

  • Dans Le Noir

Perhaps the wackiest idea for client entertainment – a restaurant in pitch darkness! Surprise your clients with the experience of eating surprise meals while they engage in conversations with people they have never seen before and gain knowledge of blindness and disability.

The restaurant has been organised to provide security and minimise the possibility of accidents, and the entire room has been fitted with infrared cameras in case of issues. It’s perfect for client entertainment, blind tastings and team building exercises. Trust your other 4 senses, you’re going to need them!