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One of our biggest assets is the outstanding portfolio of candidates which we have built across our specialist sectors. This pool of talent has been created over time through a variety of means, including in-depth personal research, advertising and our strong referral networks. 

Instead of ‘farming’ for potential candidates, our consultants use our portfolio to quickly ‘select’ the right candidate for the right job. This means our clients are presented with a small number of suitably qualified, high calibre personnel from which to make their decision. 

In the real estate industries the retention of high quality staff is almost as important as the initial sourcing of talent. Our approach to candidate selection not only saves our clients' time and money, but it also enables them keep their staff retention rates as high as possible.

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Originally the teams at Blayze Group just handled our development and architecture positions, but news of their considered and effective approach spread throughout the group. Today they also work with our sales and marketing and finance teams.
HR Manager, Quintain Developments