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When a recruiting campaign for multiple positions is required, we can guarantee that we are the most experienced company within the real estate sector.

In the last twelve months alone we have designed and successfully implemented five significant programmes across a variety of disciplines including sales & marketing; commercial; technical; project management; finance and also graduate campaigns; each of these programmes, which transcend from junior to senior level positions, achieved high recruitment rates.

Whether a client has a number of positions to fill within a particular department or simply wants to access new channels to find exemplary candidates, our tailored solutions have a proven track record in delivering high quality talent within a set time frame.

Real estate recruitment – a tight market for talent

In many sectors of the real estate market, high quality talent can be hard to come by. Depending on the type of role, we have successfully delivered ‘go-to-market’ recruitment strategies for companies wishing to access talent from outside their core industry.

For Sales & Marketing campaigns we have looked to airline and hotel industries, and for commercial and technical positions we have looked as far as the oil and gas industries.

Potential talent is everywhere; it’s just a case of finding it.

The process

Each programme we carry out is bespoke; tailored to the specific requirements of the roles and business. However, the principles of each solution remain the same. We build a target group of ideal candidates, each with relevant or transferable skills and then evaluate them by character.

Our successes to date are a result of our detailed, service orientated approach. We take time to understand the role, the company, the specific department, the people involved and the character a new employee would need to have to succeed.

Graduate campaigns

Our tailor-made graduate recruitment and training programmes are carefully structured. We identify potential candidates for a programme from aligned industry sectors where there are high levels of transferable skills.  This ensures the programme features the best possible pool of talent from the word go.

For example, our sales consultancy graduate programmes have featured talent from the airline industry, hotels/hospitality, tourism/travel, automotive industry and even luxury retail. With this particular programme, by using the transferable skill sets engendered by these various industries, we look to identify and develop: customer facing skills; presentation skills; resilience; intellect; negotiating skills; listening skills; initiative; and target driven motivations with an achievement-based mentality.

Whatever the requirement, our basic aim is to enhance our individual clients' aspirations, enabling them to build strong links between themselves and their employers. We promote coaching and mentoring to enable individuals to achieve their full potential. We facilitate the exploration of needs, motivations, skills and thought processes to assist the individual in making real, lasting change in their position; and we help set appropriate goals and methods of assessing progress in relation to these goals.

Psychometric testing

Psychometric testing is generally used to discover how good someone is at a particular skill, such as verbal or numerical reasoning or to build a picture of an individual by identifying their values, personality type or occupational interests.

When hiring from a larger selected pool of talent or carrying out a search and selection programme, it is important to maintain efficiency throughout the campaign. We use our state of the art psychometric technology to gain an in-depth understanding of candidate behaviour, ability, performance and potential.

Undertaken during the screening process, these solutions provide candidates with engaging realistic tasks which helps us to scientifically identify the best ones based on potential. Of course, each candidate supplied to a client will also go through our own personable yet rigorous evaluation. 

We have found when used as a component of a wider integrated evaluation strategy, psychometric testing can help to gauge the future performance of a candidate and thus improving retention rates.

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Alan and Blayze Group generally are a refreshing change to deal with and they are now our preferred recruiter for professional staff. We have no hesitation in recommending to others.

Keith Moran, Commercial Director, Hollybrook (UK) Ltd