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How Many Bricks to Build a House?
Posted on Aug 25, 2016

How Many Bricks to Build a House?

The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) recently commissioned the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) to produce The Bricks Report, which among other things looked the number of bricks required for the average home and the total bricks required to meet the perceived shortfall in houses in the UK.

The CEBR calculated that the average home today requires 5,180 bricks to build and that there has been a shortfall of 264,000 houses in the last decade. Thus they have arrived at a figure of 1.4 billion bricks required to 'resolve' the UK housing shortage.

Other Key Highlights of the Bricks Report

- The average size of a new home in 2016 is 82.6 square metres
- The size of the average new home has decreased by 9.3% in the past decade and by almost half since 1920
- People in the UK have less floor space per capita than most other developed countries
- UK Household growth exceeded increases in dwelling stock by over 264,000 units in the decade 2006 to 2016
- Skills shortages and brick shortages could be significant constraints on house building
- 1.4 billion bricks would be required to build the houses required to meet the shortfall in building homes over the last decade

It seems everyone agrees that we need to build more homes - developers, builders, potential home owners and politicians. However, how much more capacity can the industry accommodate? With a skills shortage and potentially a shortage of materials like bricks, it might be some time before supply of new houses meets demand.

You can see the full Bricks Report on the NAEA web site.

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